Success by choice,
not by chance.

Developing behaviors that lead to academic success.

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Your motivation and accountability tool for...


Help your students build good habits and achieve success by rewarding them for effectively planning, executing and reflecting, as well as connecting with other students to help each other reach their goals.


Gain insight into your students' behaviours and assess their academic risk through interactive dashboards and automated reports. Connect with your students and reward them for positive behaviours.

Other Student Organisations

Build targets into your academic/extramural programmes and reward your students for hitting those targets. Create better and more meaningful engagements.

Student benefits

  • Organise your week.
  • Track your daily activities and recieve feedback on the time spent.
  • Earn points and rewards.
  • Connect with others.
  • Build good habits and stay accountable.
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Bursary benefits

  • Easily identify students that need help.
  • Connect to your students and their needs.
  • Build a student community.
  • Motivate students towards performance.
  • Drive engagement with your own resources, support and programmes.
  • Secure your investment in your students.
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Non-Busary student organisation benefits

  • Connect to your students and their needs.
  • Build a student community.
  • Create direct channel of communication with students.
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